Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This policy aims to clarify the use of the information we collect from users by placing cookies on the user’s device when cookies policies are accepted by users. It talks about what information we collect, how we collect, how use the collected information, how we share the information, and how long. One can have the choice to allow cookies, once accepted the cookies, each time he/she visits our website agrees to our terms and condition.  We will be the data controller for the information collected from our website to conduct and manage the business. We are committed to comply with applicable data protection and privacy law of the state. We assure each user of this website; we will use appropriate technics and measure to protect personal information.

This policy will act as a legal contract between the user and website administrator and/or the user’s consent to use their personal information by complying with data protection and privacy law.

Purpose or legal basis for personal information use:

      • Make the website function well on the device of the user.
      • To remember the preference and settings made by the user so that he/she can have a personal user experience.
      • To analyze any change or modification if necessary and/or for training.
      • To contact and/or inform new about our website, keep users updated about our updates and services, and/or market research purpose with the consent of the user or visitor (in case of agreement or subscription).
      • To provide services as requested by users and make improvements to our business and services.
      • To verify the identity; the user provided is true or not and to decide for further business and/or proceed with the user’s or visitor’s application or request.
      • To research or record any fraud prevention. If found or suspected of any fraud and/or faulty identity will be subjected to criminal offense and reported to fraud prevention agencies.
      • To manage complaints, feedback, and queries.
      • To comply with any legal or regulatory obligations (including in connection with a court order).

How do we collect your personal information?

      • By placing cookies in your device as mentioned in the cookies policy and other similar technologies.
      • By requesting you to fill up forms.
      • Through communication: messages or calls or email or any other communicating medium.
      • From third parties such as:
        1. Credit Reference Agencies (CRA) and/or those with whom you are connected financially so that we can verify the identity and personal information you provide is whether correct or not and/or decide whether to continue business with you.
        2. Fraud prevention agencies such as CIFAS.
        3. Our partners, suppliers, and or other connected personnel.
        4. Your school and/or workplace.

How do we Process your personal information?

We provide your information to third parties like CRAs and CIFAS in order to:

      • Process your application or request, manage your account, and keep the record.
      • Verify the accuracy of your identity and other information you have provided to us.
      • Make the decision for financial or any business involvement with you in the future.
      • Evaluate your creditworthiness and analyze your ability to afford our services or product.
      • Avoid unlawful business and prevent fraud and/or money laundering.
      • Receive timely payment and/or recover debts.

Your personal information can also be used by:

      • That personnel associated with the contract between us and you to conduct the business or service. The personnel may include our business partners, group members, contractors, sub-contractors, buyers, and suppliers.
      • Our legal advisers (including accountants and lawyers) to law enforcement agencies (such as police, national crime agencies, and courts) to prevent fraud, money laundering, and criminal activity.
      • Third party, if business/services or asset is acquired and to be transferred to the third party, then your personal information is transferred as an asset of the company.
      • Third party, if you request to share your personal information in writing.
      • Other third parties if any legal obligations with or without your consent.

Such third parties could exchange and record the information provided about you by us and communicate to other organizations if necessary. Record related spouse or financially associated personnel will be linked, thus it is considered that personnel linked in the join application has agreed to all policies of our website.

How long do we retain your personal information?

      • We retain your personal information as long as we are involved in business or service exchange and for 12 months from the date of the end of business or service exchange in a lawful manner.

Your Rights

      • Right to access your personal information. You can receive a copy of the personal information we hold about you free of cost for the first time and the rest with an administrative charge.
      • Right to transfer personal data if you provide written consent.
      • Right to correct inaccurate or incomplete information about yourself.
      • Right to request erases of your personal data, if no longer necessary or if there is no legal basis for processing the data.
      • Right to complain if you believe that we have not complied with our obligations regarding your personal data.
      • Right to restrict the processing of your personal data until inaccurate or incomplete information about you has been corrected, or until an objection from you has been handled.
      • Right to withdraw any consent you have given us at any time. However, please note that it will not affect any processing that has already taken place.
      • Right to complain about inappropriate use of your personal information.

These rights are not applicable in legal obligation circumstances.

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time, effective and in full force upon posting an updated version on the website. Hereby agreeing to accept cookies from this website, the user is considered to read all the policies. This policy is legally bound between user and the website owner administration.  

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