Cookie Policy

Cookies Policy

To make the site function properly and improve the browsing experience of users of this site, we sometimes place a cookie in the user’s device. Thus, this policy acts as a legal agreement between the user and the GXAPro Website administration about cookies used by the website. It aims to make clear the basic definitions of cookies, the information that we collect about our visitors or users, the reason for the collection of the information, and the use of that information. The privacy policy will discuss the information collection and processing details. One can control the cookie, withdraw the consent to collect information and place the cookie on one’s device.


Cookies are narrow text files that a website places on the user’s device. Cookies are termed browser wafers, web cookies, or computer network cookies, and third-party cookies are termed trackers. Cookies allow websites to record a few useful information about visitors or users such as username, password, search experience, settings, etc.

Various types of cookies are used, and their purposes are:

      1. Sessional cookies: temporary cookies that operate during the visit and expire with the closing of the browser. It cannot be passed to any other device other than the device used to visit the website.
      2. Persistent cookies: remain in the device even after closing of browser with a certain expiring date. It stores information that can be used for multiple browsing sessions. 
      3. First-party cookies: cookies set by the website owner. 
      4. Third-party cookies: cookies that are placed on the website except for the website owner (first-party) or other trusted third-party websites. The third-party may include advertisers or social media.
      5. Strictly necessary cookies: those are necessary to provide the service as requested by the user. If these cookies are blocked, some of the website’s features and functions may not work properly.
      6. Functionality cookies: recognizes and remembers preferences and setting for repetition visits to the website.
      7. Analytical cookies: collects information related to visits to the website, content the user view or followed, information about the user’s device, browsing, and IP address.
      8. Login cookies: collects and remembers login information and prevents repetitive entry of the same information. These cookies are cleared when users log out from the website.
      9. Email newsletters cookies remember the email address and provide email and newsletter services if registered or subscribed to show the notification.
      10. Form cookies: record and collect data if any form is to be filled in and submitted.

How GXAPro uses the cookies?

      • First-party cookies are used as mentioned in the cookies used to provide a better personal experience of using our website.
      • Third-party cookies are used in connection with the services for marketing purposes, analyzing and research of services of our own or third party.

Option available to control cookies

      • Users can adjust browser settings to control or delete or adjust cookies.
      • Users can agree with cookies policies and withdraw consent to collect cookies on the website.
      • However, limiting the cookies might cause some site services and functions to not work properly. Users may require repeating preferences or settings or login manually each time they visit the website.
      • It is recommended that users enable cookies for optimal website functionality and service.

The types of information we collect by using cookies.

      • Personal information such as name, address, contact detail, and others as you provide or collected from a third party as mentioned in the privacy policy.
      • Technical information such as:
          1. Device or internet IP address and browser from which user access this website.
          2. Date and time of visit and time spent on the website.
          3. What types of services and queries did the user show interest in?
          4. Link users followed to visit the website.

GXAPro reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, effective and in full force upon posting an updated version on the website. Hereby agreeing to accept cookies from this website, the user is considered to read all the policies. This policy is legally bound between the user and the website owner administration. Not agreeing may lead to the prevention of the use of this website and services.

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